For an agreed valuation you will require two forms, obtainable from the Records Department at The Hunt House, who can be contacted at, telephone +44 (0) 1327 811786. The forms will be sent on receipt of the fee of £60.00 for a re-valuation or £75 for a 1st time valuation - payment can be made by cheque drawn on a UK bank made payable to the RREC Ltd, or by MasterCard or Visa. These forms must be filled in as completely as possible and signed. The original signed form must be posted to Hunt House, together with a first class stamped addressed envelope and good resolution photographs showing the front, both sides and the rear, interior and engine. It is not possible to process applications which are scanned, emailed or faxed.

We are pleased to announce that the club has engaged the services of Brian Page of Classic Assessments to supply valuation certificates for insurance purposes. For more information on Classic Assessments please click here:

It is essential that all the relevant information is filled in on the Valuation Form and duly signed, as this will be the document actually taken into account by the Insurance Company. Please include sufficient postage on the self-addressed envelope to cover the cost of returning your documents.

Members are asked to bear in mind that whilst we understand that each car is priceless to its owner; we also have a duty to the Insurers to be fair and honest. Members are respectfully reminded of their need to be truthful, as fraud will invalidate their insurance.

Once an agreed valuation has been issued, this can be used when applying for insurance through the Club's Official Insurance Scheme.