Early in 2000 the Club commissioned a project to scan into a computer database over 50,000 Rolls-Royce drawings relating to pre 1939 cars, to stop further deterioration caused by handling and incorrect storage. Some are General Arrangement Drawings (GADs) but the vast majority are drawings of parts used to construct the chassis. Since then there has been an ongoing “in house” programme of scanning into the database the chassis specification and build records of cars which are also held in the archives.

Many restorers are aware of the digital archive and order copies of individual drawings to assist them in their work. However, the Club has invested considerable sums into the project and wishes to promote this resource more widely. A fee of £15 (+VAT) for a member and £21 (+VAT) for a non-member is payable to the Club for drawings.

Points to note:

  • Every part referred to in a General Arrangement Drawing does have a corresponding List of Parts sheet, with the same reference number, which contains the quantities, material specifications and manufacturer/supplier of the listed parts.
  • Rolls-Royce employed the system of appending a prefix letter to each and every drawing whether it be a part or a general arrangement to denote the part of the vehicle to which it related. The prefixes contained in this database are:
    • D Electrical
    • E Engine
    • F Frame
    • G Transmission
    • T Random
    • U Random
  • Drawings for the Derby Bentleys and Rolls-Royce Wraith adopted a double-prefix system that allowed easier identification of the models, e.g.:
    • EB Engine – Derby Bentley
    • FW Frame – Wraith
  • Within each Excel model index there is a sheet containing summary notes and guidance in using the search facility, as well as a separate worksheet for each prefix-group for that model (e.g. 20 HP Electrical, 20HP Engine etc). The groups are arranged alphabetically by drawing prefix letter. Each one can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the screen once the spreadsheet has been opened.
  • The index breakpoints, between each model, have been derived from various Rolls-Royce records. However, certain GADs at the end of a model series might relate to the next model (e.g. where the 20HP evolved into the 20/25 during chassis series O). Thus, until such time as the Club has audited these transitional drawings, every sheet will be headed “unaudited”.
  • There were evolutionary developments through the model ranges and each drawing may apply to a certain range of chassis numbers only.
  • The “sub-groups”, shown on the left hand side of each sheet, are relevant only when using the records computer at The Hunt House.

Model Indexes:

Thanks to the efforts of Club member Stephe Boddice, who created indices of the drawings contained on the database by model, using Microsoft Excel. These indices are available to view here, together with a sample drawing.

Photocopies of material that has not yet been digitised are available by application to our Records Manager at The Hunt House. (A suitable charge will apply.)

As ...

Printed drawings or drawings cut to a CD and mailed incur postage charges. Contact records@rrec.org.uk or 01327 810786 for more details

Sample Drawings